Starting and leading a club on your campus will not be an easy undertaking. But with a great team, anything is possible. Below are some of the officers and committees that have worked well for us. We encourage you assemble a team with a variety of skills and interests, but a shared passion for the pennys4change mission



► Oversee all other officers and committees

► Organize and lead weekly meetings with officers and committees

► Hold officers accountable to ensure task completion and progress toward goals

► Create quarterly and yearly strategic plan

► Facilitate goal-setting among officers and committees

► Handle all legal matters

► Serve as main point of contact for pennys4change headquarters

► Respond to all emails and inquiries in a timely manner






► Manage budget to track expenses and donations

► Maintain Square account

► Work with Operations Director to ensure collection and deposit of all donations






► Organize and lead weekly meetings with Marketing Committee

► Oversee all social media channels, including monitoring Facebook analytics

► Correspond with nationals to ensure consistent branding

► Spearhead planning and execution of Launch Party

► Oversee initiatives with Change Ambassadors






► Reach and appeal to people through social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat)

► Share creative content with public that will be effective in capturing attention while portraying our goals

► Promote and monitor regular social media contests to create awareness and interest

► Design flyers and infographics for tabling and social media contests






► Live and breathe pennys4change; Represent wherever you go

► Generate awareness about pennys4change on your college campus

► Collaborate with Marketing Director to coordinate promotional events

► Like and share everything posted on pennys4change social media channels






► Organize and lead weekly meetings with Operations Committee

► Oversee the distribution of cups and shirts

► Maintain spreadsheet to track who needs cups delivered and picked up

► Delegate delivery and retrieval of cups to Operations Committee

► Work with treasurer to count donations and ensure that they are deposited






► Distribute cups and shirts as delegated by the Operations Director

► Pick up cups when donors are ready to return them

► Count and roll all change and hand off to Operations Director or Treasurer


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